Liu Xuan


Event Gymnastics
Sex Female
Born Mar 1979
Birthplace Hunan
Height 153cm
Weight 48 kg


Liu Xuan started her gym training in 1984 and joined the Hunan provincial team at the age of eight, the national team at 13. Liu Xuan is one of the top members of the National Women's Gymnastics Team during its heyday in the 1990s. As the saying goes, "Great minds mature slowly", Liu Xuan is this type of person who won her first championship of individual event in World Cup as late as 1998. In 1999, she attained a gold medal of individual event in World Championship. Liu Xuan is a graceful, quiet and vigorous girl. She is thoughtful in training, harmonious in movement, besides, she enjoys a combination of power and pliancy. Her motto is "Defeat oneself before defeating others".


1992, champion, national competition

1993, women's team title, the 7th National Games

1994, women's team champion and runner-up of uneven bars, Asian Games

1995, women's team runner-up, World Championship

1996, third place of balance beam, World Cup

1996, fourth place of women's team, Olympic Games

1997, third place of women's team, World Championship

1998, championship of balance beam and third place of uneven bars, World Cup

1999, championship of balance beam, Tianjin World Championship

May, 2000, championship of balance beam and runner-up of all-round, National Championship finals.





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