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Thursday, May 02, 2002, updated at 11:29(GMT+8)

The Three Gorges Project
Successful Explosion in Three Gorges Project
Successful Explosion in Three Gorges Project

The waters of the Yangtze River surged into the basin behind the world's largest dam project at the Three Gorges Wednesday morning as the cofferdam was demolished with a string of 555 explosions.

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Successful Explosion in Three Gorges Project
The waters of the Yangtze River surged into the basin behind the world's largest dam project at the Three Gorges Wednesday morning as the cofferdam was demolished with a string of 555 explosions.

Lives of Three Gorges Resettlers Enjoy Better Life
The majority of resettlers who moved out of the Three Gorges dam area now lead a better life than before, according to a sample survey announced Tuesday.

Town Removed to Make Way for Three Gorges Project
The last remnants of a 1,700-year- old town were demolished with explosives on Sunday to make way for China's Three Gorges dam project.
It is so far the largest demolition work of the Three Gorges Project. According to the project schedule, the Three Gorges Reservoir will be rise to 135 meters, inundating Guizhou.

Chongqing to Relocate 100,000 Residents from Three Gorges Area in 2002
Chongqing will resettle 100,000 residents displaced by the Three Gorges Reservoir project this year to ensure the smooth-going of storing up water for the massive water conservancy project on the Yangtze River in June next year, Gan Yuping, deputy mayor of Chongqing, said Thursday in Beijing.

2.22 Million People Relocated from Flood-Prone Areas along Yangtze
China has relocated 2.22 million residents from flood-prone areas in the Yangtze River valley during the past decade at a cost of 38.8 billion yuan. China decided to invest 10.1 billion yuan in projects shortly after the 1998 flooding building towns for over 2.45 million residents in the provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui along the middle and lower reaches of the river.

Affected Residents Willing to Move from Three Gorges Site
More and more residents at the Three Gorges reservoir area are moving to new homes voluntarily, a National People's Congress (NPC) deputy from the area said Sunday.

Three Gorges Firm Seeks Listing to Finance US$22b Project
China Yangtze River Three Gorges Project Development Corp plans to establish a spin-off company to seek domestic listing next year, in a bid to finance its US$22 billion Three Gorges dam project.

Chongqing Launches New Plan to Move Residents
Chongqing Municipality in southwest China is planning to move out 21,700 residents this yearfor the construction of the giant Three Gorges Power Project.

China Will Inject 15.1 Billion Yuan in Three Gorges Project This Year
As the Three Gorges Office under the State Council announced recently this year will see an investment of RMB 15.136 billion yuan into the Three Gorges Project, the largest sum of investment never seen before. From among the total, a lump sum of RMB 7.996 billion-yuan will be used for the construction of the hinge project and RMB 7.14 billion-yuan for handling the immigration of the people out from the reservoir area.

Former Three Gorges' Residents Enjoy Life at New Homes
Surrounded by the smell of chili and bacon unfamiliar to most Shanghaiers, former residents from the Three Gorges Dam Area are observing the Chinese year of horse at their new homes in Chongming County in the east China metropolis.

"Man-Made Yangtze River" to be Dammed in Late 2002
The open-cut water channel which was used for carrying vessels after the Yangtze River was dammed in 1997 for the Three Gorges Project will be blocked off later this year, sources said at a meeting held Thursday in Yichang.

China Counts down to Three Gorges Geological Hazard Control
China will start the count down for the mitigation of geological hazards projects in the dam area of the world's largest hydro-power project underway at the Three Gorges. According to official figures, over 70 occurrences of landslides, collapses and mud-rock flows along the reservoir banks have been reported since 1982, which brought heavy economic losses.

1.82 billion US Dollars to Be Invested for Three Gorges Project in 2002
A total of 15.1 billion yuan (US$1.82 billion) will be spent on constructing the mammoth dam near the Three Gorges on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River this year. Installing metallic structures and debugging electronic products and machinery will be the most important task this year

Three Gorges Resettlement Costs 28 Billion Yuan
China has spent 28.7 billion yuan (about 3.5 billion U.S.dollars) of state money on resettlement to make way for the Three Gorges. By the end of November last year, 418,000 people had been moved out the dam area on the upper-middle reaches of Yangtze River, and 803 industrial and mining companies in the region had been either shut down or relocated elsewhere.

Resettlement of 116,000 People from Three Gorges Dam Area
More than 116,000 people in Chongqing moved out of the dam area of the Three Gorges Power Project last year to make way for its construction.

China Begins Three Gorges Reservoir Bed Clean-up
Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of explosions blasted away a building in the reservoir area of China' s Three Gorges Project at 13:40 hours Sunday, marking the start of the countdown to water storage and power generation at the Three Gorges Project.

Why Fengjie Was Chosen as First Site for Demolition
China blasted the first group of buildings in Fengjie County Sunday to prepare for water storage in the Three Gorges reservoir.

China Begins Clean-up of Three Gorges Reservoir Site
With the demolition of a group of buildings in an ancient town Sunday afternoon, China began its clean-up of the planned Three Gorges reservoir bed to get it ready for storing water in 2003.

Building Blasted to Make Way for Three Gorges Project
A vacated seven-floor office building in Fengjie County, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, has just been blasted, marking the first major move to clear up the reservoir area of the Three Gorges Project.

Treasured Stone Inscriptions Being Removed from Three Gorges Cliffs
Relocation of stone inscriptions at Qutangxia Gorge will not affect tourism in the Three Gorges area, an official said here Sunday.

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