70-Day Pursuit Fruitful, Over 60,000 Criminals Seized

The 70-day pursuit had been fruitful since it was launched by the Ministry of Public Security on September 20. With high technology, the police across China so far have caught 60,069 criminal suspects and prison escapees.

  • 70-day Pursuit Made Remarkable Achievements

  • During the past six weeks, Chinese police have apprehended 12 people included on the wanted list of the public security authorities, over 13,000 involved in bombings, murders and robberies, 834 implicated in gang crimes, and over 2,000 involved in bribery and embezzlement, a public security official said Tuesday in a conference call.

    Besides, haunted by the chase, over 10,000 fugitives surrendered to the police, according to Zhang Xinfeng, head of the criminal-pursuit office of the Ministry of Public Security.

  • Hi-technology, Second Hero in the Fight

  • By using high technology devices, including computers, CD ROMs and the Internet, the police is able to map out sketches and produce voice matches of the criminals which are greatly helpful for spotting them in crowds.

  • Greater Efforts Expected

  • The public security ministry urged police forces nationwide to work harder and seize more runaway criminals by enhancing coordination among themselves and asking for tips from the public.

    People's Daily Online --- http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/