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Tuesday, November 06, 2001, updated at 10:45(GMT+8)

Major Points of Hu Jintao's Speech at FIRI in Paris

The following are major points of the speech entitled "China And The World In The 21st Century," delivered by Visiting Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao at the French International Relations Institute (FIRI) in Paris on Monday:

On multi-polarity

-- Multi-polarity constitutes an important base for achieving a durable peace in the world. It is conducive to building a new just and reasonable eco-political order, setting up a relatively-stable international political framework and promoting exchanges and cooperation.

-- It is gradually becoming a consensus shared by the international community that world affairs should not be monopolized by a superpower and necessitate the participation of all nations.

On international relations

-- The democratization of international relations constitutes an essential guarantee for world peace. All countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, are equal members of the international community. Issues concerning global and regional peace should be resolved through consultations based on the United Nations Charter and universally accepted international norms.

-- In the new century, China will keep intensifying its exchanges and cooperation with all other countries based on the principles of equality and mutual respect to deepen understanding,expand consensus and learn from each other so as to achieve progress together.

On economic globalization

-- Economic globalization has become an inevitable trend and has resulted in an impact on the world economy, politics and social life, bringing both challenges and opportunities.

-- The developed nations benefit most from the economic globalization while developing nations are facing the danger of being marginalized. Only a globalization based on equality of all nations can make sustainable global development possible.

-- China will contribute to the equal participation of all countries in the decision-making process of global economic instruments and norms to establish a rational international financial and trade system, reduce the risks of developing countries and contain the worsening wealthy divide.

On international security

-- The world community should adopt a new concept of international security based on mutual trust, reciprocal benefit, equality and cooperation to create an international environment of durable peace, stability and security.

-- Armament expansion is far from being favorable for the world's security, but will bring new elements of insecurity.

-- China will put the new concept into action. It will maintain good relations and cooperation with all other nations on the basis of the five principles of peaceful co-existence.

On anti-terrorism

-- The September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States proved once again that international terrorism is an enormous disaster and seriously threatens world peace and stability. We firmly condemn and oppose all forms of terrorism. We call on the international community to strengthen dialogue and cooperation in the joint fight against terrorism.

-- The U.N. Security Council should play a key role in the fight against terrorism, and the fight must be based on the spirit and principles of the U.N. Charter and universally accepted international norms. All actions should be conducive to the long-term interests of world peace and development.

On role of United Nations

-- In the history of humanity, no other institution is as representative as the United Nations and no other organization is capable of exerting such significant and profound influences on world affairs. In the new century, the authority and the role of the United Nations must be preserved and further developed.

On Sino-European and Sino-French relations

-- The European Union is the world's largest regional group that enjoys the highest level of integration. It has achieved progress in both interior construction and enlargement in recent years and thus taken a more important place on the world stage.

China and Europe share many common interests without direct interest conflicts. The intensification of long-term and comprehensive cooperation in all fields is in the fundamental interests of both sides and will contribute to world peace and growth.

-- France is an important member of the European Union. Both France and China are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and shoulder heavy responsibilities in international affairs. With common positions shared on a wide range of key issues and strong complementarity of our economies, the two countries have great potential of cooperation. China attaches great importance to Sino-French relations and the two should strengthen bilateral consultation, exchanges and cooperation.

In This Section

The following are major points of the speech entitled "China And The World In The 21st Century," delivered by Visiting Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao at the French International Relations Institute (FIRI) in Paris on Monday:

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