More Overseas Chinese Start Hi-tech Businesses at Home

The ongoing Third China International High-tech Fair has compelled more overseas Chinese to start their own high-tech businesses in China.

Overseas Chinese scholars from 12 foreign countries brought more than 400 projects to the fair, which opened last Friday in Shenzhen, a city neighboring Hong Kong.

They are expected to invest in high-tech industries rather than trading or intermediary service, as they have usually done in previous years.

In fact, many businesses founded by them are involving sectors such as bio-pharmaceuticals, electronic information, environmental protection, and new materials.

Some of the scholars have set up companies both at home and abroad in order to make use of domestic resources while keeping up with the latest developments in advanced technologies and the world market.

More and more overseas scholars return to China to start up businesses, taking advantage of the channel provided by the fair.

Incomplete statistics show that more than 400 overseas scholars have participated in the last two High-tech Fairs with 600-plus high-tech projects.

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