US Satisfied With Results of Initial Strike on Taliban

The Pentagon claimed on Tuesday that its forces have established air supremacy in Afghanistan thanks to the military actions over the past two days.

"With the success of previous raids, we believe we are now able to carry out strikes more or less around the clock, as we wish," US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said at a news briefing.

"We have struck several terrorist training camps, we've damaged most of the airfields, I believe all but one, as well as their anti-aircraft radars and launchers," he said.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers, who was also present at the briefing, said US forces succeeded in damaging or destroying 85 percent of the first set of targets in day-one operations on Sunday and struck another 13 targets in day-two operations on Monday.

"Essentially we have air supremacy over Afghanistan," he said. "There will always be anti-aircraft fire ... but the tactics that we'll utilize will keep us out of their range," Myers added.

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