Hong Kong Considers New Express Train Linking Nearby Cities: Report

Hong Kong is studying plans for new express train links to the nearby cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, chief secretary Donald Tsang said on Friday.

Tsang, who is in Guangzhou for talks on co-operation with officials there, told reporters the new express train linking Hong Kong with Shenzhen and Guangzhou will bring "high level of economic activity and high level of tourism.

"In turn it will bring in more income to Hong Kong people and to the mainland," Tsang told reporters.

He said a feasibility study will be carried out on the new network that would have its own railtrack and use faster and more comfortable trains.

Earlier, Tsang said the government will invest heavily in rail, ports and airports, while counterparts in southern China cities made similar investments.

"I think it is utterly important for our mutual benefit to ensure that we know what each is doing, so that we can have a more integrated infrastructural development planning process," he said.

Tsang said the six new railway development projects, reportedly costing some US$100 billion (US$13 billion), could create more than 30,000 jobs.

"I'm sure there will be enormous significant economic benefits to Hong Kong," said Tsang.

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