Giuliani Wants to Extend His Tenure as Mayor of NYC

Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York city said Wednesday he will talk to the city's candidates for mayor and try to come up with a plan that would give him a continuing role in New York's recovery from the World Trade Center disaster.

Giuliani was not specific about whether he was seeking some kind of extension of his term, considering a run for a third term, or merely looking for a role in the administration of his successor

"I want to do something that unifies the city because I love this city," said Giuliani, who is barred under the City Charter from serving a third term when his current term is up on Dec. 31.

In yet another indication of Giuliani's intentions, the Republican mayor contacted the Democratic speaker of the state Assembly on Wednesday, seeking support for legislation that could extend his stay in office.

Giuliani's remarks came one day after New Yorkers voted in the primary election, handing billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg the GOP nomination for mayor and sending two Democrats, Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and Public Advocate Mark Green, into a runoff next month.

The mayor has been acclaimed for his steady leadership since the trade center attack and has been urged by many New Yorkers to stay on and guide the city through the crisis. His aides are said to be exploring a way to extend his term or lift the two-term limit altogether.

In an interview set for broadcast Wednesday night, Giuliani said that if New Yorkers want him to stay on past the end of his term, he is available.

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