Nortel Networks to Deploy Multi-service Backbone for China Unicom

Nortel Networks and China Unicom recently signed multi-million dollar contracts to help China Unicom deploy multi-service backbone and optical ethernet networks in Beijing and nine provinces in east and central China.

Nortel Networks announced here Friday the 12 projects worth 18 million US dollars, will allow China Unicom to provide data, voice, IP service, frame relay, IP VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and other end-to-end data services, thus greatly expanding its capacity to capitalize on China's burgeoning telecommunications market.

In addition, Nortel will build a multi-service network in south China's Guangdong Province for China Unicom.

Robert Mao, chief executive officer of Nortel Networks (China), said that the new multi-service networks will redefine the cost, reliability, quality and profitability of the Internet for consumers, businesses, public institutions and government agencies in China.

"They will lower networking and operating costs, enable new high-value broadband services, accelerate the delivery of personalized content, and unleash new business and e-Business models based on unconstrained bandwidth and a common transparent IP architecture," he added.

Nortel Networks is one of the largest telecommunications technology, products and solutions providers in the world and it is the biggest exporter in Canada.

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