China Will Emerge a Giant in World Science and Technology: Chen Ning Yang

China is going to get a tremendous progress in the world science and technology in the 30-40 years to come. This is a remark by eminent scientist and Nobel laureate Chen Ning Yang in his speech on "Science and Technology of the 21st Century" delivered at the opening ceremony of the 6th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Nanjing on September 17.

In his speech, Yang said that modern science and technology were introduced into China only in the 20th century. Within a time span of just one century with efforts by merely several generations, China has started from scratch to having attained the level of being able to launch and recover its Shenzhou Spaceship, an incredibly rapid development with no precedence in history. So he believes China's scientific and technical level will surely reach the foremost front of the world advanced level by the year 2030 or 2040.

By PD Online Staff Huang Ying

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