Forums Held by World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

The ongoing 6th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention held three separate forums on the issues of scientific progress and economic development, the opportunities and challenges brought by globalization, and the contribution and responsibilities of Chinese businessmen to the world economy.

Over 20 businessmen and scholars spoke at the forums, sharing their views on the issues with other participants.

Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of the Chinese computer giant, the Legend Group, urged Chinese businessmen worldwide to join forces to promote hi-tech industries in China.

Sutanto Djuhar, president of Lin's Group in Indonesia, advised those who want to invest in the inland areas of China that the potential investors should make an overall study of the situation in the country before they decide to make an investment.

Jiang Hailin, chairman of Han Jiang GMBH, Germany, said he believes that China's strategy to develop its underdeveloped western region has brought about huge business opportunities to overseas Chinese entrepreneurs.

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