World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention Opens in Nanjing

Trade Fair and Exhibiton of the WCEC Opens in East China
The Sixth World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention opened at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center Monday morning.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin sent a letter of congratulation to the meeting.

In his message, Jiang said it is the first time that the Chinese entrepreneurs in the world hold their convention in their homeland, the mainland of China. He said that it is a major event in the exchanges among Chinese entrepreneurs across the globe.

He warmly welcomed the Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world and expressed sincere congratulations on the convocation of the Sixth World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention.

World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention Opens in Nanjing
He praised the overseas Chinese worldwide for their great contributions to the economic development and social progress in various parts of the world and their positive role in promoting trade, scientific and technological cooperation and friendly exchanges between China and the countries or regions they reside in.

"The vast number of overseas Chinese constitute a major force promoting China's opening-up and participating in China's economic development," he said.

He expressed the hope that Chinese entrepreneurs will work together more closely, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, give more attention and support to China's modernization drive and actively participate in it, and make fresh and bigger contributions to the great cause of China's national rejuvenation and to world peace and development.

Li Ruihuan, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and honorary president of the Organizing Committee of the Sixth World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting.

Li extended congratulations to the convention and welcome to all friends who have come from afar.

He said that at present, China is at an important stage of development. At such a time, this convention is most significant as it will help overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to understand how things stand in China, seek business opportunities for cooperation and promote friendship, and will help China heed the views of its friends, draw upon overseas experience and broaden its channels for external cooperation.

He pointed out that interrelation in the present-day world is increasing. Nowadays the world is developing and changing faster and faster. He said that against this backdrop, it is imperative for all countries and nations to be oriented towards the world, study it and merge themselves in it, and to be oriented towards the future, study it and plan for it.

Li listed major questions facing all countries and nations as well as enterprises that want to accomplish something.

-- Will they be able to base themselves on their own countries and always proceed from their national conditions while having a global vision and enhancing exchanges and cooperation with other countries?

-- Will they be able to ensure economic security for themselves and effectively withstand all kinds of external impact while seeking advantages, avoiding disadvantages and actively participating in international division of labor?

-- Will they be able to do solid work for the present without rushing for results while taking a broad and long-term view and

correctly appreciating the changes and evolution of the world? Will they be able to maintain the fine traditions, inherit and carry forward the good things left over by their forefathers while keeping abreast of the times and boldly carrying out reform and innovation?

Li Ruihuan said, "We also hope that the overseas Chinese communities will, in the course of their own development, make fresh and greater contributions to the development of their countries of residence, of China and of the world at large."

Henry Ying Tung Fok, vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Nobel laureate Chen Ning Yang also made speeches at the opening ceremony of the convention.

Jing Shuping, vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of the Organizing Committee of this convention, presided over the opening ceremony.

Among the nearly 5,000 people from more than 70 countries and regions around the world are Chinese Vice-Premier Qian Qichen, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Wang Guangying and Vice-Chairmen of the CPPCC National Committee Wang Zhaoguo, Qian Weichang, Ding Guangxun and Sun Fuling.

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