US Arrests 25 for Immigration Violations

The United States has arrested 25 people for immigration violations as part of the investigation into Tuesday's terrorist attacks on US targets, a government official said Saturday.

The official, who asked not be identified, said that none of them has been formally charged, either on immigration counts or with crimes relating to the four hijackings.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents have interviewed many of those in Immigration and Naturalization Service custody and some of the detainees are cooperating, the official said.

Among the 25 are two men detained at an Amtrak station in Fort Worth, Texas, and taken into custody and then flown to New York. They were removed from an Amtrak train during a routine drug search Wednesday night.

The men had box-cutting knives and also carried about 5,000 US dollars in cash, according to the federal official.

Hijackers in Tuesday's attacks used knives and box cutters to take control of the airliners.

The United States made the first arrest Friday in the worldwide investigation of the terrorist attacks. The suspect was arrested after federal authorities found that the person has information highly relevant to the investigation and is a high-flight risk.

Early Friday, the US Justice Department released the names of the 19 hijackers involved in the attacks.

Many of the 19, believed to have had pilot's training, had lived in Florida. Others were listed as living in New Jersey, California, Massachusetts and Arizona. All had Middle Eastern names.

On Tuesday, two hijacked passenger planes rammed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. A third plane crashed into the western end of the Pentagon building in Washington and another plane crashed in western Pennsylvania. All 266 people onboard the planes were killed and thousands more are feared dead.

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