Forum on Dialogue Between Different Cultures Closes

The two-day 21st Century Forum -- Dialogue Between Different Cultures closed Wednesday in Beijing.

The forum, held by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, has attracted over 70 foreign ambassadors and scholars from home and abroad.

This year is the "Year of Dialogue Between Different Cultures" set by the United Nations (UN). The UN passed a resolution on dialogue between different cultures in 1998, calling for different cultures to strengthen understanding and reduce conflicts.

China took active participation in the activity launched by the UN. Participants of the forum have discussed "roles played by different cultures in pushing forward human development," " dialogue between different cultures in development of international relations" and "the UN's role in reinforcing dialogue between different cultures."

Different Cultures Live Side by Side

We were imagining an exotically alien picture while being tossed about in a bouncing vehicle on the dirt road to the Namyi Lhoba Autonomous Township. In our imagination, the community of Lhoba in southeast Tibet's Mainling County, like a lonely isle in a sea of Tibetans, presents plenty of visually striking images that distinguish itself from a Tibetan context.

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