Chinese Culture to Contribute to Human Development : Scholars

Noted Chinese scholars said Tuesday rich, profound Chinese culture, through exchanges with other civilizations in the world, will help lift human development to a higher stage.

Addressing a seminar on dialogue between different civilizations, Ji Xianlin, a professor of Beijing University, said he is confident about the prosperity of Chinese culture in this century.

Ji's views echoed that of many other outstanding Chinese scholars.

Wang Meng, a well-known Chinese writer and former minister of culture, said the reform and opening policy introduced since late 1970s has created better conditions for dialogues and cultural exchanges between China and other part of the world.

He said the all-embracing and innovative vitality of Chinese culture has risen to a new level.

Wang said China should follow its own road, adding the modernization of China is by no means westernization.

He recalled the impact of the introduction of Buddhism on Chinese culture and the historical lessons China has drawn from its refusal to learn from other cultures during the disastrous Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

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