Taliban Condemn Attacks in United States

Afghanistan ruling Taliban Tuesday night strongly condemned attacks in New York and Washington of the United States and called for investigations into the incidents.

"We strongly condemn the attacks and condemn those who have carried out these blasts," said Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef at a press conference held here in Islamabad.

"We call for judicial inquiry into the attacks and punishment to those who have done this," Zaeef said.

He ruled out involvement of Osama bin Laden in the attacks and said Osama was unable to carry out such well-organized attacks.

"We have controlled all activities of Osama and he can not contact anyone," he said, adding "it is highly regrettable to blame anyone for the attacks without the completion of investigations."

When asked about the possibility of any American attack on Afghanistan, Zaeef said "we do not expect any such action. But it would be a big mistake if Afghanistan was attacked."

"They (Americans) will be responsible for any attack on Afghanistan," warned the ambassador.

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