Son of Oil Station's Manager Kidnapped by Gangsters in Phnom Penh

A middle-school student was kidnapped by a group of gangsters early Wednesday morning in Chamkarmon district of Phnom Penh, the Sin Chew Daily in Chinese reported on Thursday.

The student by the name of Hong Sipha Panya, 17, was kidnapped by the gangsters when his brother in law was carrying him on his motorcycle towards the middle school where he studies, suddenly a car with a group of armed-bandits stopped in front of their motorcycle, and one gangster pointed a gun at the boy and forced him to get on their car, then the car ran away, the brother in law said.

Just half a hour after the kidnapping, the kidnappers communicated by phone with the boy's father who is a manage of an oil station, claming that they would kill the boy unless his father offers them a ransom money of 200,000 U.S. dollars.

The police went to the scene for investigation where the incident occurred after the family reported to them, but at present no information about the kidnaper can be available. The police are continuing to pursue and capture the criminals.

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