Popularization of Embryo Transfer Technology in China

Chinese scientists are planning to set up a training center to cultivate more people to become experts in the technology of embryonic transplantation between cattle.

The move is aimed at promoting the wider use of this technology in the country, sources said.

China has 20 years of experience in developing this technology and has now independently grasped the technology to transfer the embryo of cattle. Industrialization of the technology is going on smoothly in the country, according to the sources.

However, authoritative materials show that the number of technical workers who are experienced researchers and skillful practitioners in the technology number less than 200 in the country, a major factor that has curbed the popular use of the technology.

Guo Zhiqin, an expert in the field of animal embryo transplantation and the initiator of the training program, said that the training center will enroll students from across the country and the trainees are expected to grasp the technology through six months of training with professional knowledge and technologies.

Guo said the training center will be based at the Hutubi bull farm in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China. Xinjiang is one of the major pastoral areas in the country.

At present, the embryo transfer technology has been publicized and put into use in the vast western region of China and is expected to bring much more wealth to local herdsmen, according Guo, who said that calves born through embryo transfer are sold for higher prices.

Guo has been engaged in the bio-technological research on domestic animal breeding since the 1970s. He helped cultivate China's first calf born through embryonic transplantation in 1986.

The embryo transfer technology has been publicized in more than 30 counties and cities in Xinjiang and has been gradually popularized across the country, Guo said.

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