China to Exploit Russian Market Using Best Goods, Says State Councilor

Chinese enterprises should and will sell more high-quality and famous-brand products to Russia in order to enlarge their shares in the Russian market, Chinese State Councilor Wu Yi said Tuesday in Moscow.

Wu, who arrived here Monday evening for a four-day working visit, made the remarks while visiting the Chinese Textiles and Garments Exhibition, which opened Sunday at Moscow's Gostinyi Dvop (Guest Court) near the Red Square.

Inspecting the display counters at the fair, Wu attached importance to the quality of the goods made and displayed by Chinese enterprises and companies, and showed much interest in how many Russian guests had come for business and cooperation. She was very pleased to hear that thousands of Russians had visited the exhibition and some of them had expressed intentions to go in for joint ventures.

She stressed that the goods exported to Russia must be of excellent quality and dummy products must be banned. She pledged that the Chinese government will make every effort to guarantee the supply of high-quality commodities to Russia so as to enhance Russian consumers' trust in Chinese products.

Meanwhile, Wu also stressed the need to set up China's own famous-brand commodity names in overseas markets. She proposed that more prestigious Chinese enterprises enter Russia and more first-class Chinese products and services be exported into Russia.

Moreover, she noted that China's export commodities should comply with the characters of the Russian markets and the Russian people's customs and habits. She named the best winter caps, silk coifs and fanons as Russians' favorite Chinese commodities whose sales in Russia can be expanded.

As many as 113 Chinese companies are participating in the exhibition with a space of 5,000 square meters, which is the first, biggest one ever held in Russia and will end on Wednesday.

If it proves to be successful, such exhibitions will become regular events, Wu said.

On this weekend, Wu will travel to St. Petersburg to join a delegation led by Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji and attend the sixth regular meeting of heads of government of the two countries.

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