Japanese Ricoh to Snatch China's Digital Network Market

Japanese Ricoh, one of the world's leading suppliers of equipment for office automation, will hold an exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou from mid September to pave the way for its share of China's digital network printing market.

During the two-month exhibition, in addition to bringing into market for the first time its types of AFICIO multi-function digital cameras in China, Ricoh will also highlight the promotion of its "digital network " solutions in order to realize a transition from products manufacturer to various OA providers.

Every year, copiers and facsimile machines needed in China top 30 billion yuan. Along with the ever-increasing popularity of PCs, the needs for related office equipment are also on the rise. According to statistics, demands in the year past for printers in China increased by 1.5 folds too.

In the years to come, copiers needed in China will reach one million per year, a large market next only to the USA.

As China is going to enter into "broadband" era, needs for digital network printing will also see a faster growth. As predicted, transition from office automation to digital network printing will become a trend in five years time. Many transnational corporations, such as Ricoh are eyeing on the Chinese market.

Although Ricoh has entered into this market, it does not mean that other manufacturers do not have any chance to get in, but the key lies in how to analyze the market and choose the best way and right time to get into it.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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