FISU Official Stamps "Greatest" on Beijing Universiade

The 21st World University Games is the greatest ever version, said a senior official from the International University Sports Federation (FISU) on Friday, the day the games ends.

"Only very few things should/could be improved," said FISU secretary general Roch Campana at a press conference Friday morning. "Everything can always be improved but we have had the greatest Universiade ever and we thank very much the Organizing Committee for having provided this for the University Sports Movement."

Campana, who met each day during the 11-day Games with chefs de mission of the delegations in the Athletes' Village, said no major question had been raised.

"No major questions, no questions of transportation, no questions of food, no questions of information, was ever put in the village," he said. "We had here a tremendous Universiade."

According to Campana, there were small, material questions but all had been worked out by the organizers.

"We have met everyday with chefs de mission in the village to see if they were happy with the stay, with the Organizing Committee, with transportation, with the food, with the information," he said.

"I must say that we had during the days lot of questions, but all were very small, material questions that were solved immediately by the Chinese leaders who were there.

"We had this morning the last chef de mission's meeting and we had really no question any more, we have only compliments for your organization."

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