Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Settlers

One Palestinian was killed and two others injured Wednesday morning in a shooting attack by extremist Israeli settlers, Palestinian sources said.

The 26-year-old Haidar Gedu Kanaan Khatib, a father of two children and a resident from the Hazma town, was shot dead by Israeli settlers near the Jewish settlement of Anatot in northeastern Jerusalem. His father, 55, and a brother, 22, were wounded in the incident.

The drive-by shooting attack occurred when a group of extremist Israeli settlers opened fire at the car in which the three Palestinians was traveling.

The scene is a few meters away from an Israeli military post, but Israeli soldiers there did not respond when the father urged them to pursue the settlers' car, the sources said.

Instead, they kept the body inside the car for more than one hour, and did not allow an ambulance to get an access to the scene.

The sources added that shortly after the incident, the Israeli army sealed off the scene and put a military barricade at the entrance of the Jewish settlement.

According to Israel Radio, the Israeli army has begun a large- scale search for the attackers.

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