China's High-Tech Industries to Soar

Twelve high-technology projects and 20 strategic high-tech fields have been set as the key of China's high-tech industry in the coming five years, sources with the State Development Planning Commission said Wednesday.

According to the commission's plan for the development of high- tech industries, China will construct 12 high-tech projects in the coming five years which involve technologies like broad-band information network, digital high-definition television, satellite broadcasting system, lateral aircraft, and coal liquefaction.

In addition, China will step up the development of 20 strategic key fields including software, digital electronic products, modern Chinese medicine and satellite application.

By the year 2005, the value of the production of high-tech industries is expected to reach 6 percent of the gross domestic product value, up from the existing 4 percent; the high-tech industries product value will account for 16 percent of the total industrial production, up from the present 9 percent.

In the next five years, China will form some industrial groups of enterprises at the international level in some new industrial fields such as software, telecommunication equipment, electronic products, biomedicine, and biochips; and in some traditional fields like machinery building, textiles, petrochemistry, metallurgy, and energy.

China will step up efforts in introducing technological reforms and build the country into an important supply base for mechanical and electrical products. The country will also develop the high- tech service industry represented by the information network service.

To this end, China will form a group of large-scale enterprises with international influence and strong potential for development and competition, and cultivate some innovative mid-size and small scale groups of companies, so as to boost the country's high-tech industry to a high level.

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