Beijing to Launch 3 Major Tourism Projects

Sources from Beijing Tourism Bureau say that Beijing is going to build a theme park, a convention-exhibition center and pedestrians street as three major projects before 2008 to boost the city's tourism.

Person in charge of the bureau said that a high-grade theme park will be built before 2008 and experts will be invited from Disney, Universal movie town and other world famous theme parks in September to help Beijing in theme park construction. A modern comprehensive convention and exhibition center will also be built with a total floor space of 20,000 square meters. Dazhalan area will be selected as the tourism pedestrian street to be projected and lined with traditional architectures.

To build Beijing into a first-class metropolis and a destination of tourism featuring the Orient is the chief goal of the city's "10th Five-year Plan" and tourism development plan by 2020. Beijing's successful bid in the 2008 Olympics has moved up the time 10 years ahead of the schedule.

City Ready for Global Tourists

Beijing is planning to upgrade services to welcome more tourists in the coming years. By 2008, domestic and international visitors to the Olympic Games host city will see a greener and cleaner Beijing.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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