Chinese Dancing Band Test Popular Home And Overseas

Teenage girls in blue shirts and black skirts are dancing to Chinese music, five in one group: their expressions vivid and changing, their movements and postures agile and beautiful.

This scene took place in one of the Chinese Dancing Band Test halls in Shanghai. Two thousand children in Shanghai took the test this year.

Professor Li from the Beijing Institute of Dancing said, the Chinese Dancing test, choreographed by experts, integrates Chinese traditional opera and minorities' dancing with some ballet skills.

"Compared to ballet, it's more becoming popular among ordinary kids aged five to eighteen," added Li, "It doesn't place harsh requirements upon a participant's shape but emphasizes developing their sensitivity to the art instead."

Chinese Dancing began its band test in 1989. Since then, more than 100,000 domestic dancing fans have taken the test.

In addition, Chinese Dancing is becoming more and more popular overseas. Over 100,000 fans have passed the band test. Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, the US and Canada all have test sites now.

The Chinese Dancing Band Test is expected to match the British Royal Ballet Test in the future.

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