Giant Acrylic Fiber Plant Operational in Shanghai

The first set of Chinese-made manufacturing facilities with a designed capacity of producing 66, 000 tons of acrylic fibers annually was put into operation in Shanghai Wednesday.

The successful operation of these facilities represents a breakthrough in China's history of acrylic fibers as China used to depend on imported acrylic fiber production technology.

The technologically advanced facilities were developed by Shanghai Petrochemical Co.

Its production capacity, together with other similar imported production facilities have brought the company's total manufacturing capacity of acrylic fibers to 150,000 tons, about one-third of the country's total.

The new facilities, which cost 765 million yuan (nearly 1 million U.S. dollars), was part of the 6.5 billion yuan project.

Lu Yiping, chairman of the board of the company, said annual demand for the product totals 700,000 tons in China, making it the largest acrylic fibers consumer in the world.

People's Daily Online ---