Eco-Tour to Be Launched

This past June, the Conch Gully and Bifeng Gorge Scenic areas in Sichuan Province declared that they would work together to promote ecological tourism, or eco-tourism, by making use of each other's resources. This cooperative effort unveils Sichuan 's strategy for integration of its tourist resources. Above all, tourists will have more beautiful places to visit, according to the latest Beijing Review.

The Conch Gully Scenic Area, in Luding County of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is famed as a tourist mecca of the 21st century. In addition to its beautiful glacier, it has a natural ecological resort in which you can marvel at the snow-covered mountains, and luxuriate in the lush forest, wash away fatigue in hot springs, and enjoy the folklore of Khamba people.

The Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area is located in Yaan. The two areas are on opposite sides of the Erlangshan Mountain. On the same eco-tour itinerary they share similiar tourist resources while having unique features.

The Gonggar Mountain Modern Glacier Group and the Chengdu Wanguan Group, developers of the two areas, initiated cooperation to advance eco-tourism in both places. The two areas will jointly develop their sales and service sectors to help boost local tourism.

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