80 percent of Chinese Internet surfers have E-Mail boxes

Nearly 80 percent of the 26.5 million Internet users in China have their own E-mail boxes, according to statistics released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) here Tuesday.

A survey conducted by the CNNIC finds that E-mail is the service most frequently used by surfers in China, with each user having 2.6 E-mail account numbers on average.

The survey also shows that other frequently used online services include search engines, software uploading and downloading, various kinds of information retrievals, on- line paging, etc, with the use ratios reaching 51.3, 43.9, 39.5 and 31.6, respectively.

As for the aspect of Internet service with which users are most dissatisfied, 42.7 percent of Chinese users pour complaints on the slow connection speed, while 19 percent criticize high rates, down from last year.

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