China Made Great Breakthrough on Study of Internet2

NSFCNET, a research and experimental high-speed computer network, has lately passed state test in Tsinghua University. It is China's first high-speed trial computer network, which has for the first time realized its connection with the second generation Internet-the Internet2, indicating that China has made a great breakthrough in the research of next generation Internet.

The current research on the web is jointly carried out by Tsinghua University, Computer Network Information Center of CAS, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronauts and Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications.

NSECNET adopts optical transmission technology of DWDN at a rate of 200GBPS, a trial network with a transmission bandwidth of 2.5-10 GBPS. Consisting of six backbone nodes it is under construction in Beijing and when completed, the NSFCNE is expected to link up with CERNET, CSTET, Internet2 and APAN.

According to introduction, the Internet2 is more convenient, much faster, safer and wider in its future development.

Speed of the Internet2 can be 1000-10000 times faster than the current Internet. It has a wider application range, which can cover medical system, national safety, environmental monitor and others. For example, all kinds of the household appliance can be connected with the Internet2, thereby realizing an intellectualized operation.

America, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries have injected a huge sum of money to build the trial network of NSFCNET. Owning Internet2 network theory and technology is a prerequisite for China to tap the next generation Internet.

Experts have highly appreciated this achievement, considering the successful research on NSFCNET no inferior to the Internet when it was first introduced to China. NSFCNET has provided China with an essential means to lay hand on the next generation Internet research, and an experimental environment for China to keep pace with international level in various researches on the application of high-speed Internet network.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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