Chinese Students Won Gold Medals in Int'l Chemistry and Biology Olympiad

Chinese Winners in the World Biology Olympic Competition
On the occasion of Beijing's great success in winning the 2008 Olympics games, another victory as announced by China Association of Science and Technology indicated that the Chinese high school students had made a very good performance in the International Chemistry and Biology Olympiad.

The 33rd International Chemistry Olympics was just concluded in Bombay, India, Chinese students swept away three gold medals and one silver with their team score ranking first among the 54 countries and regions participating in the match.

In the meanwhile, the twelfth International Biology Olympics was also wound up in Brussels with the Chinese students awarded three gold medals and one copper after overcoming various difficulties in the competition.

The gold medal winners are: Chen Siyuan, Luo Tuoping, Han Dewei, Liao Yajing, Tong Yi, Lu Lijun with silver and copper medal for Zhang Wei and Wu Wei respectively. Chen Siyuan reaped the highest score ranking himself in the first place of the Chemistry Olympics. Two weeks ago, Chinese students also achieved great success for their remarkable performances in the 32nd Physics Olympics and 33rd math Olympiad.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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