Survey Indicates Sluggish Business Prospects in Taiwan

Executives in most firms and factories are pessimistic about Taiwan's business conditions in the coming three months, according to Taiwan's local media Monday.

A recent survey conducted by Taiwan's economic planning institution in May shows that among 17 different industries, executives all but the department store industry think that business conditions in the local market within the next three months will be sluggish.

High-ranking staffs in some 13 local industries, including the electrical and electronics, transport, textile, and plastics and chemical sectors are among those who hold a pessimistic view, while the food, rubber and non-metal mining industries are of the opinion that business conditions during the next three months will remain approximately the same as at present, according to the survey.

Only 13 percent forecast that business conditions will improve during the same period, down from the April level of 15 percent.

Some 48 percent, a fall from 51 percent, believe that business conditions will remain stable.

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