Progress Reported in Helping Handicapped

China has made remarkable achievements in helping the handicapped, said Deng Pufang, chairman of the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped (CWFH), here Tuesday.

About 4.3 million handicapped in China reached various levels of recovery in 2000, and more disabled children were enrolled in schools, Deng said, adding that 8.29 million rural poverty- stricken handicapped people have shaken off poverty.

Reviewing the achievements made for the disabled people in China, Deng said at the 18th CWFH Conference that during the 1996- 2000 period, CWFH had provided 68.67 million yuan (US$8.27) of support for the handicapped.

He also revealed the donations the CWFH received in 2000 and its budget for 2001. In 2000, the CWFH accepted 17.95 million yuan in donations, and spent 12.14 million yuan, half of which was spent in poverty-stricken areas in the central and western parts of China.

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