HK Hosts Int'l Conference on Construction

The International Conference on Construction opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Tuesday.

The three-day conference, entitled "Construction for Tomorrow's City," is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Works Bureau, Works Departments and major stakeholders of the construction industry including trade and professional associations and academics of related field.

The conference aims at providing a forum for the industry to share its experience and exchange ideas among its local and overseas counterparts. It attracted more than 350 local and overseas participants.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Lee Shing-see, secretary for works, called on the construction industry to work closely together with the government to achieve quality construction by competing on new knowledge, better quality and the responsive ability to assimilate and promote innovation and technology.

"Quality is the core value that should always be promoted in the construction industry. It is not simply on workmanship but also on other important aspects like site safety, environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction," he said.

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