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Tuesday, June 19, 2001, updated at 16:32(GMT+8)

Siemens Puts Out KJAVA Mobile Phone in China

The Germany-based Siemens Mobile has turned out three new models designed for Chinese users.

One of the three, 6688i, is called the first KJAVA mobile phone of the world.

Vice-president of Shanghai Siemens Mobile Shen Ganying says this kind of mobile phone is able to download any application programs written in KJAVA computer language, including various kinds of game software. People can create a handset to their liking and make communication and business services more reliable and safe.

The other two models are GPRS with built-in antenna.

Shen says, the fact that Siemens has its market share first in Germany, second in Europe and third in China is not important, the important thing is that Siemens is devoting its efforts to turning out the world's three major mobile phone brands. But it is obvious that it has given much thought to the Chinese market, for China's total mobile phone demand in next decade would exceed 200m units and China is edging its way toward world's No.1 handset consumer.

Insiders point out that, since Japan has put off tests of third-generation (3G) mobile, earlier presentation of the GPRS handset of two-and-a half-generation (2.5G) technique would help to win over the largest possible consumers in this transition period.

As is reported, Siemens has fought its way into the first group of China's mobile phone and has quickened its pace of putting out new models since last year, showing great ambition over China's huge market potential. Especially its KJAVA mobile, once accepted by users, may possibly pose fatal threat to its opponents.

By PD Online Staff Li Heng

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The Germany-based Siemens Mobile has turned out three new models designed for Chinese users.

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