Commentary: "Shanghai Spirit" -- New Banner of International Cooperation

"Shanghai Spirit", which just gave birth to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), was clearly summed up for the first time by Chinese President Jiang Zemin Friday in Shanghai.

What constitute the essence of the spirit are mutual trust and benefits, equality, consultation, respect to diversified civilizations and mutual development.

Authoritative analysts here commented that "Shanghai Spirit" is a summarization of the successful experiences of the "Shanghai Five" mechanism, the predecessor of SCO, that it fully reflects the international trend of peace and development, provide a new way of thinking and a new model in solving international disputes and promoting co-operation.

The "Shanghai Five" mechanism started in 1996 has produced a series of important achievements over the last five years and gradually evolved into a new model of regional cooperation.

This new model of regional cooperation arose from the need to solve disputes and gradually led to the formation of a co- operative mechanism. Its history provides a fresh experience in establishing a whole new model of international relations.

"Shanghai Spirit" means a new concept of security, a new model of state-to-state relations and regional cooperation.

This new concept of security transcends the Cold War mentality. It seeks to solve international differences and disputes in peaceful ways without using forces or threatening to use forces. It seeks to promote mutual trust and understanding through dialogues and consultation. It stands for extensive bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchange to put peace and security on a more solid foundation.

"Shanghai Spirit" speaks for mutual respect and seeking common points while reserving differences, which has been proved to be the only realistic choice for countries of different civilization backgrounds and cultural traditions to attain a peaceful co- existence.

The new model of regional cooperation represented by the " Shanghai Spirit" is a partnership but not an alliance. It is an open mechanism not targeting at any third party. In dealing with state-to-state relations, it demands due respect to the interests of the other side while seeking one's own strategic interests. It advocates the principle of equality and mutual benefits for the seek of win-win results and mutual development.

Peace and development has become the common aspiration of the majority of countries and their people. To attain real peace and development, solid and effective measures and actions must be taken to explore new ways of regional cooperation in a creative manner.

In solving international conflicts and disputes, "Shanghai Spirit" advocates for historical foresight, equal consultation, mutual understanding and concession, instead of self addiction or even using forces; it speaks for trust-building and friendship, instead of hostility or even arms races; it speaks for equal consultation, exchanges and cooperation, instead of using forces or threatening to use forces, or seeking dominance or even acting like a bully.

Under the "Shanghai Spirit", the upgrading of the "Shanghai Five" into the SCO marks a breakthrough in the regional cooperation among China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and makes the SCO Shanghai summit a historical milestone.

Analysts expressed the belief that "Shanghai Spirit", with significant theoretical innovation, will become a new banner in the pursuit of peace and development by the world people.

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