Ambassadors Inaugurated Arabic Sub-web of

Ambassadors Inaugurated Arabic Sub-web of on June 13 formally launched its Arabic sub-web ( as one of the largest news webs to release news with multiple foreign languages in China. At the invitation of Bai Keming, president of People's Daily, 15 Arab countries' ambassadors to China paid a visit to the Web Center of People's Daily on June 13 morning to celebrate the formal launch of the Arabic sub-web and inaugurated the new webstation. so far has six sub-webs of foreign languages, namely English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. As one of the key moves of for doing external foreign language publicity, the launch of Arabic web which has been available on Internet since June 5, 2001 opens another chief channel for enhancing mutual understanding of the Chinese people and peoples of the world.

Like any sub-webs of other languages, the Arabic sub-web will give full play to the feature of Internet by taking the advantage of the superiority and resources of and People's Daily to make the voice of China heard throughout the world. While maintaining its authority of news and information, the Arabic web will try also to acquire greater appeal and good readablity to world readers.

The Arabic sub-web, facing the world on the basis of domestic resources, offers a service of round the clock news updating to provide with the latest and most authentic reports on China. It contains not only eight news channels like "China", "World", "Business", "Science and Education", "Life", "Sports" and "Photo Gallery", but also some special features on Arab countries, Chinese politics, geography, economy, etc. Besides, it supplies readers with the latest information of Chinese stock markets, foreign exchange markets and weather in major Chinese cities. Forum and letters from readers are also available for the enhancement of interactive communication between editors and readers.

The Arabic sub-web of with most authentic and latest news and information close to life will surely serve as key bridge in linking up China and the Arab countries.

By PD Online Staff Deng Gang

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