James Soong: Improvement of Cross-Straits Relationship Crucial for Solving Taiwan's Economic Problem

James Soong, chairman of Taiwan's People First Party, said in an interview with media on June 6 that Taiwan's current economic fragility should be attributed mainly to politics, if cross-straits relationship was not improved, Taiwan's politics would not be stable. To improve Taiwan's economic situation, the island province should start from the core issue of cross-Straits deadlock and take concrete measures to solve the economic slowdown, he said.

According to reports from "Central News Agency", Soong said that the opposition party may wish to participate in the "Economic Development Consultation Conference" which was advocated by Taiwan authorities, but it must not follow in the footsteps of power and conspiracy swap. He stressed that one of the root causes of disorders in Taiwan lies in the frequent power and conspiracy swap.

Spokesman for People First Party said that cabinet reshuffle in the Democratic Progressive Party had caused trouble, Taiwan has established too many institutions, but none of them plays a significant role. He said that the current economic problem stems from political chaos, furthermore, it is due to the delayed solution of the cross-Straits tension. Therefore, if Taiwan wants to improve its economic situation, its new leader should bear inescapable responsibility for solving political problem and cross-Straits relations.

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

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