Brazil to Strengthen Economic, Trade Ties With China

Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso said on Tuesday that his country hopes to strengthen the strategic cooperative relationship with China and to tighten bilateral economic and trade ties.

The Brazilian President made the remark during the meeting with a Chinese governmental delegation headed by State Councilor Ismail Amat in the presidential palace.

The effective cooperation on satellites, telecommunications and other fields, has made the relationship between Brazil and China closer, added Cardoso.

The Brazilian leader, who also expressed his satisfaction with the two countries' close cooperation in international forums, emphasized that his government will encourage Brazilian entrepreneurs to invest more in China.

Chinese State Councilor Ismail Amat said that Chinese President Jiang Zemin's recent visit to Brazil has established a landmark in the process of deepening strategic cooperation between the two countries.

"China is encouraging its entrepreneurs to invest in Brazil, while welcoming Brazilian enterprises to invest in China, and especially to participate in the exploration of China's Western Region," said the senior official.

The Chinese delegation, which began its visit to Brazil on June 1 at the invitation of Brazil's government, will travel to Manaus, northern Brazil, to attend the opening of a Chinese air- conditioning factory.

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