Top Virus Killer Donates for Education of Handicapped

Wang Jiangmin, a leading expert on the killing of computer viruses in China, Saturday donated one

million yuan (0.12 million U.S. dollars) to the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped.

Of the donation, 700,000 yuan will be used to set up a fund for rewarding teachers of special schools for the handicapped, while the other 300,000 yuan will be earmarked for educating disabled persons in Shandong, Wang's home province in east China.

Deng Pufang, chairman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and president of the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, spoke highly of Wang's donation.

Wang urged other entrepreneurs to make donations for the education of the handicapped.

Wang is the chairman and general manager of his own software firm, the Beijing Jiangmin Xinke Technology Co., Ltd., and his KV family anti-virus products have dominated the Chinese market for


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