China Encourages Restructuring of Research Bodies

Minister of Science and Technology Xu Guanhua said in Beijing Tuesday that all-around restructuring of research bodies meets the goals of China's long- term development in science and technology.

Xu made the remarks at a press conference organized by the State Council Information Office.

"Organizational innovation should be treated with the same importance as technical innovation," said Xu.

He said that those research bodies majoring in applied technologies must be turned into market-oriented enterprises.

"They should make their own ends meet," the minister said.

Since 1999, 242 applied research institutes affiliated to the State Economic and Trade Commission have carried out restructuring.

Xu described the restructuring work in those institutes as " very good."

Some institute-turned companies have even been listed on the stock exchanges. They have demonstrated great innovation potential, Xu said.

Meanwhile, the state has invested a huge amount of money in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities for scientific study.

More than 400 service centers and another 400 high-tech incubators have been established nationwide to facilitate the program, Xu said.

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