Bell Labs Participates in Next Generation Internet of China

Bell Labs Research China (BLRC) will join in the Next Generation Internet of China with its strength in networking and software technology, according to Dr. David Lee, president of the BLRC.

BLRC will be the first foreign research organizations in China that has joined in the research program.

The Next Generation Internet of China is similar to the Internet 2 project sponsored by the US government, which aims at developing advanced Internet technology and applications to ease the existing congestion in today's Internet and to meet the demands of online scientific research and education.

The Next Generation Internet of China is now under construction and has been connected to Internet 2 in the US.

"BLRC is determined to make itself the first class research institute in the world, and a bridge for the scientific communities between China and the world," said Lee.

Since set up in 2000, BLRC has established six joint research labs with Tsinghua University, Peking University, CAS and Fudan University, which focus on research in the areas of optical networking, Internet technologies, wireless communications, software and network systems design and analysis, computer science and applied mathematics.

Bell Labs is the world's largest R&D organization dedicated to communications and the leading source of new communications technologies. Bell Labs scientists have received six Nobel Prizes in Physics, nine U.S. Medals of Science and six US Medals of Technology.

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