Chinese Academy of Sciences to Abolish Professional Title Appraisal System

The professional title appraisal system, which is familiar to and concerned by the Chinese intellectual, will first and foremost quit the historic arena from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the highest institution for scientific researches in China.

Sources from the 2001 Working Conference of the academy held lately say that it is resorted to establishing a personnel engagement system by appointment to take the place of the appraisal system to keep pace with the international practice. And this year will see all appraisal work of professional titles stopped with all appraisal committees revoked.

Although the professional titles currently in use will not be withdrawn, yet their treatment will be based on their respective posts and subjects as engaged instead of their professional titles when the new system gets into operation.

And the talents will not be restricted by such limits as the post qualification and number of years in work, thereby ensuring a fair competition and creating opportunities for the talents to show up.

As reported, by the end of last March, a total of 56,000 staffs in some 136 units of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have signed the contracts for engagement, basically achieving the new system for the entire personnel.

Bai Chunli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the meeting that based on the appointment system, the posts are to set in accordance with the demands with talented persons appointed according to the posts. In this way it is to achieve step by step an acting personnel system to realize the separation of the personnel management from their engagement posts. Meanwhile, an "appointment system" according to subjects or projects will be set up in experimental units to cater to the needs of key projects for talents.

By PD Online Staff Huang Ying

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