Sixteen Criminals Executed in Chinese Capital

Sixteen criminals, including murderers, robbers and rapists, were executed in Beijing, after the No.1 and No.2 intermediate courts of Beijing openly announced their death penalties.

In related developments, local courts at different levels sentenced another 132 people, in 67 cases.

Qiang Wei, the official in charge of the capital's legal affairs, announced the launching of a new "Strike Hard" campaign which will last two years.

At the mobilization conference, the official pledged to make the capital the most secure area in the country. This campaign will focus on crackdowns on criminal gangs and other serious crimes including explosions, gun-related crimes, murder, robbery and kidnapping, he said.

According to official figures, in the first quarter of this year, local police destroyed over 400 criminal groups. But the police admitted that the number of crimes has kept on rising in the city and local residents are still worried about the security situation.

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