Gansu to Build China's First "Jurassic Park"

Northwest Gansu Province is working hard to build a "Jurassic Park", the first of its kind in China, in Yongjing county where clusters of fossils of dinosaur footprints were discovered. The park is expected to open to public during "May Day" holiday.

In mid-March this year, more than 100 dinosaur footprints consisting of ten groups were found on the slope of a hill in Yongjing County by archaeologists. Most of them are intact and among the footprints, there is one measuring about 1.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, known as the largest one in the world.

The area of the footprints exposed on the ground extends some 400-odd square meters. According to the initial estimation of experts the footprints were probably imprinted there at least 100 million years ago, in the late Jurassic or early Cretaceous Period.

The discovery has aroused extensive interest among the people and many tourists want to see the footprints in person. According to a working staff in the "Jurassic Park", there are highlights in the county for tourists, such as Bingling Grottoes, Taiji Lake, Bami Mountain Virgin Forest, and the Three Gorges of the Yellow River etc. It is also very convenient reach the county, and the related departments in the county are making efforts to build protection fence and shelter around the footprints area. According to plan, the park will open to tourists during "May Day".

By PD Online Staff Li Yan

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