Pajero Victim Unable to Pay Hospital Fees

Unable to pay expensive hospital fees, a Mitsubishi Pajero accident victim's husband will have to sell their family business.

The victim Lu Hui was knocked down and seriously injured by a Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle when its brakes failed on December 25, 2000 in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan province.

Lu has been in hospital for almost four months and the medical fees are now hitting over 200,000 yuan.

Her husband Zhou Jianhong said Saturday that he will have to sell his dry-cleaning shop, which his family relies on to make a living, to pay for the costly treatment fees.

The hospital's account shows that the 120,000 yuan provided by the Mitsubishi company for the sake of "humanitarianism" has been used up.

Lu's doctor said that it will take at least two years for Lu to recover, and the patient may yet have further complications.

To date, the negotiations between Lu's family, the Pajero driver Li Zhiming and Mitsubishi over compensation have not reached satisfactory results.

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