Jiangsu Software Park Opens

The Jiangsu Software Park in east China's Jiangsu Province opened on April 10.

Since the park was established on December 29, 2000, the first group of 50 software enterprises has become operational. Among them are state-owned enterprises, private companies, foreign-funded enterprises and enterprises set up by returned Chinese students.

Their products cover a wide range of aspects such as telecommunications, Internet, management, security, emulation, etc. Some enterprises also handle OEM processing of foreign software.

In order to meet the entry requirement of major enterprises, the Jiangsu Software Park is to start construction of a growth-related pilot zone.

A total of 300 software enterprises are expected to move into the park in 2001 with an annual production value of one billion yuan (about US$120 million). The park will become a major software center in Jiangsu Province.

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