Australia and Guangzhou Joins Hands to Build Broadband Trunk Network

April 9 saw the Guangzhou Broadband Trunk Network Co. Ltd. and Jutong Network Sci-tech Cooperation sign a Frame Agreement on Technique Cooperation, Fiber Cable Supply and Marketing Contract and Fiber Cable Quality Guaranty Contract as well. Present at the signing ceremony was John Anderson, Vice-premier of Australia and Lin Shusen, Mayor of Guangzhou.

The 1st-phase of the work has been listed as Guangzhou's key project in 2001. With the advantages of large-capacity, highly broadband and full coverage, it is the public facility for the city informationization. And the cooperation with Jutong is to center on the exchange between the two trunk networks and for more fiber cable supply in order to make preparation for the upcoming Ninth National Games.

By PD Online staff member Huang Ying

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