US Spy Plane's Aggressive Tricks Told

The US spy plane has caused the missing of Chinese pilot, said Wang Wei's comrade-in-Arms Zeng Cheng when speaking about his experience and anger at US spy plane's aggressive acts and bumping Chinese fighter jet over China's airspace.

Zeng Cheng, deputy regimental commander and first-grade pilot fighting side by side with Wang Wei said that in recent years he has been assigned for many times to ward off recurrent intrusions of US spy planes. In order to get away with their reconnaissance, US spy planes relying on their propeller engine have been up to all possible foul tricks such as a slowdown in speed by taking advantage of their functional difference. Our fighter jet specializes in high-speed, high-altitude flight while US has its EP-3 specially for spy surveillance at a low speed. Flying at a speed of 300 km/h or even 250 km/h and a sudden climb or descent often bring us difficulty in tracking them down. A sudden change of direction and precarious steep turns often pose direct threat to our pilots' safety and give us great trouble. It goes without saying it was the US spy plane's sudden turn that has rammed our fighter jet and caused the missing of my comrade-in-arm Wang Wei.

Duan Hui, a pilot in the same unit with Wang Wei said, he and Wang Wei had been for many times on order to track US military spy planes. On the morning of 1999 New Year's Day, in order to get away with its reconnaissance, the US spy plane at times flew into clouds, lowered speed, then raised speed, suddenly ascended or descended and in a varied direction, irrespective of various risks to be taken. To deal with the situation, Wang Wei and I had a 20-minute bout with US plane, and then they had to fly away.

Fan Liping, regimental commander said that the US politicians still clasp their Cold War mentality and often send warplanes to spy on and disturb China over our airspace. As Chinese servicemen, we must perform our sacred mission in guaranteeing the safety of our motherland. This year, our command has sent dozens of jet flights to track and monitor US spy planes on a spy mission over China's airspace. The US military reconnaissance plane has resorted to many a varied tricks and brazenly made aggressive actions to our planes. To avoid conflicts as much as we can, we have kept the maximum restraint on the US behavior and managed to keep a proper space and altitude with the US plane. Irrefutable facts prove that US spy plane has caused the missing of Wang Wei. There is no way for the US to absolve itself of its spy plane's responsibility for bumping Chinese fighter jet and intrusion into China's airspace.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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