Nano-Film Makes Time Stay with Terracotta Figures

Good news from China's Nano-technological Lab on April 8 said that terracotta horses and warriors of some 2000 years ago unearthed from the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin in Xi'an will say farewell to "being old".

Zu Yong, head of Nano-technology Institute of Northwest University of China revealed at cooperation conference between east and west China that their latest composite of new nano-glue is a transparent material, which can serve as an abio-membrane to prevent relics from being damaged by mildewing bacteria.

According to the nano expert, the coating can absorb ultraviolet radiation so as to maintain the original color and texture of the terracotta figures. When being coated with the film, any harm incurred by dirty air can be reduced to the least degree. Except the terracotta figures, the new technology can also be applied for the protection of silk, books and paintings as well.

As told by Wu Yongqi, the curator of the Terracotta Museum, the Chinese archeologists have made some headway in terracotta study over the past 20 years, however the control of mildewing bacteria has retarded its progress. Now, the new technology has finally turned the dream of the archeologists into reality---let the colorful terracotta figures enjoy their everlasting youth and the wisdom of ancient Chinese always to shine in the world.

By PD Online staff member Yin Zhili

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