SSE Trading Value Rises to No.5 in Asia Pacific Region

By the end of 2000, Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) took the 16th place in global stock exchanges in terms of its trading value, and No.5 in Asia Pacific Region. This was released by Zhu Congjiu, general manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange at the London-Shanghai Exhibition on Financial Cooperation, which was held in Shanghai March 27.

Zhu said that the stock exchange has realized fast growth and efficiently advanced development of China's securities market and facilitated Shanghai to become an international financial center. So far, companies listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange have reached 604 with a trading value totaling 2.9 trillion yuan.

Zhu said that development of Shanghai stock exchange has to some degree benefited from close cooperation and exchanges with its international counterparts. London stock exchange has accumulated a wealth of experience not only in market legal system, trading liquidating system and financial innovation but also in blue chip cultivation and market role exertion, we should learn more from London stock exchange.

The exhibition, jointly sponsored by Britain's Shanghai Consulate General and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, will last for one week. Some British experts and vice-mayor of Shanghai attended the exhibition.

By PD Online staff member Li Yan

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